Thursday, December 5, 2013

When It's Too Cold & Snowy To Get Out & Exercise....

What do you do?

I was feeling the need to move today but couldn't get to the gym right away, so I popped in this DVD: 10 minute solution Hip Hop Dance Mix. It's filled with several 10 minute dance segments.
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No matter what, you will be having fun & laughing! It's even more fun to do with someone else! Kristin Jacobs is the instructor and she does the moves with no shame. I got this tape at Target a while back, but you can pick up a workout DVD anywhere. Jillian Michaels makes some great ones & AdvoCare also has a great one! Don't let cold, snowy days derail you from reaching those fitness goals. Get moving! And please share- what are your favorite things to do when you just can't get to the gym?


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