Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm an RD!

After 5 1/2 very long years, I can finally say I'm a Registered Dietitian (an RD).  When I say that, most people give me a look and say "uh, what's that?"

We're the nutrition experts who have completed tons of schooling and hands-on experience to be able to finally get that title. There are a few ways to get the credentials, but here's how I did it...

-My degree: 4 years to get a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition (lots of science classes, would you guess that?)
& 1 year to get a Master's degree in Nutrition (not required, but really worth it!)
-My dietetic internship: the process of becoming "matched" with a program to complete 1200 hours of hands-on experience, usually at a hospital or clinics
-Registration exam: The agonizing process of testing to show what you know & pass the test to become a dietitian
-The payoff? Becoming nutrition experts!

The next time you want nutrition advice, ask a Registered Dietitian!

Is anyone else out there in the process of becoming an RD? How far along are you? Look out for my post next week on study tips. I've got some great ones!

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