Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Try Me" Thursday

I Love My Spark!

Today I'm doing a product review for "Try Me" Thursday!

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I absolutely LOVE Spark. Before Spark, I was obsessed with Crystal Light Wild Strawberry Energy for about 2 years. It has a little caffeine in it, so I loved it. I've completely given up drinking Crystal Light & switched over to Spark. It's that good.

The difference between Spark & other energy drinks is that Spark provides so much energy and focus. NOTEWORTHY: I drank this the morning before I passed my Registered Dietitian Exam.... okay? I needed some focus. It's low-cal {45 cals a packet or scoop} and it doesn't make me shaky like other energy drinks. Also, it's so much better for you than cokes/sodas {none of the crazy additives}.  It's got a little caffeine boost, TONS of B vitamins & never leaves me feeling groggy.  I've even had friends tell me it curbs their appetite.  If you try nothing else from AdvoCare, try Spark!

My favorite flavor is Mango Strawberry. Fruit Punch is shown, but there are several other flavors: Cherry, Grape, Citrus, Pink Lemonade, Mandarin Orange, and Watermelon.  New flavors are added frequently. I can't rave enough about Spark. I've seen recipes for using it to flavor pies & I'm so excited that I will probably make a Mango Strawberry Spark flavored pie. So, watch out for Spark flavored foods in the future!

What's your favorite flavor?

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