Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Week FULL of Thanksgiving Recipes!

This week is dedicated to posting Thanksgiving recipes.  Since I'm vegetarian, I'll be sharing my favorite vegetarian recipes!  You don't have to be a vegetarian to try these out.  They're still delicious and nutritious.  Today, I'm starting out with some breakfast recipes.

Thanksgiving morning there's a really good chance I'll whip up these delicious {pumpkin pancakes} by Julie, because I will genuinely never grow tired of the pumpkin flavor & she just makes them look delicious.  Can't go wrong there.

Also, this {breakfast enchiladas} recipe is another great breakfast option for those who want to prep breakfast the day before Thanksgiving.  This is a protein-packed breakfast that provides you with a lot of vegetables too!  One of my favorites for a big crowd.  {Tip: I cook meatless crumbles and put them inside the burritos & no one notices it's not real meat.}


 Have a great Thanksgiving & don't let this holiday deter you from your health & fitness goals! Look tomorrow for Vegetarian Side Dishes!

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