Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving {The Big Day!}

We tend to over eat on Thanksgiving & other holidays, so here are some tips to help you stick to your goals during this holiday! {from the USDA}

*Tweak the sweats-- {you can choose fruit salad, a lighter dessert, instead of pumpkin pie}
*Cheers to good health-- {drink water instead of other calorie-filled drinks}
*Bake Healthier-- {make healthy swaps in your recipe or choose recipes that use fruits instead of butter/fats}
*Spice it up!--{choose recipes with spices to flavor your food instead of sugar and salt which can add calories or contribute to higher blood pressure}
*Brighten the meal-- {fill half your plate with fruits/veggies! They're full of fiber & will be filling}
*Skim the fat-- {try skim evaporated milk instead of heavy cream}
*Swap the grains-- {try to use wheat flour instead of white}
*Go easy on the gravy-- {it adds a ton of calories & fat!}
{Check out USDA for more tips!}

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What are your tips? Get out & get moving today! Xoxo- Kristin 

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