Monday, November 25, 2013

Strong Saturday- Arms!

I missed posting on Saturday, because I was spending time with the family. The good news is.... I was with my dad at the gym.  He is a beast and taught my lots of awesome tips to share with yall. My Saturday workout started out with about 40 minutes of cardio, then right into lifting. I actually use my apartment's free gym, which has about 3 weight machines (plus free weights, ellipticals & treadmills). I was having such a hard time figuring out how to get in a decent routine with so little, but my awesome trainer (dad) came up with about 6 different ways to use each machine. Let's just say my arms were sore the next day! I'll show you my favs!

First off, I have tiny arms. If you remember the cartoon charachter Gumbi, that's what my arms are like. I'm trying to fix it, allright? So today was all about working the arms. We started out with the lat pull machine. That is one of the 3 machines I've got at the free gym. Also, it's my new favorite. I'm determined to build these arms. 

Okay, here are my 3 fav ways to you use the lat pull. 
1- Traditional Overhand Lat Pulls...  Keep your head up, bend your elbows & pull the bar in close to your face, down to your chest. Slowly move back into the original position. Repeat!
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2- Standing Lat Bar Straight Arm Pushdown- watch this video for a little "how-to"!

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(Oh hey, that's me! See the straight arms? Yep.... Training with dad.) 

3- Tricep Lat Pull- this works out your triceps! Stand and hold the bar with your elbows at a 90 degree angle from your body. Squeezing your triceps in close to your body, pull the bar down toward your thighs. Repeat!
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What are your favorite arm workouts? Do you know any other ways to use the lat pull? Let me know. Try this out! Enjoy!!

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