Monday, December 9, 2013

Motivation Monday- Getting Ready for The New Year!

The new year is a fantastic time to get back on track with all of your goals {yes I say "goals" often! I think they're so important to have!}. So, why not get a jump start now? Grab your pen and paper and write down 3 specific changes you'd like to see in yourself by 3 months from now- middle March- one for every month! {That's Spring Break time, by the way... Right when the sun will start shining & you'll be so happy you did this, because it'll be time to break out those shorts & tank tops to show off your great bod!} 

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{pic from backonpointe.tumblr}

What are your goals? Maybe one of your goals is to eat better portion sizes or healthier snacks. Maybe it's to cut down on the number of sodas you're drinking. Get a head start on those goals before the new year! Share them here!

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