Saturday, December 14, 2013

10 Healthy Snacks

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I'm a true believer that preparing your meals ahead of time is the key to success in sticking with any healthy eating plan.  So, this weekend is all about the meal prep.  I want to get everyone prepared for the new year by learning how to plan your meals and snacks.  So, here is Lesson One-- On Healthy Snacks.

Do you ever find yourself getting hungry and running to the pantry grabbing the most convenient food? Or the yummiest food? Yes? Join the rest of the world.  We all do it!  I'm going to give you some of my favorite snacks that you can prepare ahead of time {prepare is a really intimidating word... let's just say it requires a little slicing or ziploc bagging}.  Here we go.

1.  Apple slices and PB2-- Yall know I love my PB2.  It's lower in fat content than regular peanut butter.  The apple packs tons of nutrients & a crunchy texture.

2.  Air popped popcorn--  It's approximately 31 calories per cup {that's without the butter/salt}.  If you have difficulty snacking at night or like to be snacking on something often, this is a really low calorie snack with a large volume.  Feels indulgent almost!

3.  Frozen fruit--  This is great when you're packing a lunch or you'll be out somewhere for a while, because the fruit tastes great frozen or slightly thawed.

4.  Protein bars-- When you're choosing a protein bar, look for:
  • high protein, 15-20 grams {this will keep you feeling sustained longer} 
  • low sugar, <5 g {I don't want my bar to have as much sugar as a candy bar. I've been working out all week. Can't let that go to waste!} 
  • higher fiber {I like my bars to have some fiber.  It keeps me feeling full, can help lower cholesterol & helps with intestinal health.  Really the higher the better!}
Quest Bars are fantastic.  One of my favorite bars, especially the peanut butter supreme & chocolate chip cookie dough!  Yall check them out.  So delicious if you warm them up in the microwave! >>
Try Quest Protein Bars!

5.  Homemade granola-- {Recipe coming soon!!}

6. Homemade trail mix-- great things to add to a healthy trail mix are almonds, wheat Chex, unsalted peanuts,

7. Hard boiled eggs-- okay, I personally don't like these, BUT.... eggs are wonderful for you, the yolk and all! They provide a great source of protein.  I suggest if you like it, then this is a great snack.

8.  Sliced bell peppers-- use salsa or hummus as the dip.  You'd be surprised how crunchy & delicious bell peppers are as a snack!

9. Kale chips-- if you've never tried them, you really should! Refer to the recipe I posted earlier today. So easy.

10. Caramel rice cake & PB2-- just plain indulgent.

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