Monday, October 28, 2013

Dollar Store Christmas Wreath

Is your house decorated for Christmas yet? Are you looking for a cheap DIY craft? 
This wreath cost me under $5.

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Here's what you'll need:
* $1 brown wreath
*$1 HUGE red ribbon (from the Dollar Tree)
*$1 poinsettia (also from Dollar Tree)
*2 of any other kind of flower (I got the other red clusters from Dollar Tree)
*Hot glue gun
= only $5!

This wreath is so easy! Just warm up your hot glue gun & get started.  First, start with the red ribbon.  Mine had a twist tie that I could use to add it to the top of the wreath.  Next, I separated the bunches of flowers and intertwined 3 on each side.  Then I hot glued them in an alternating pattern.  You can even glue the poinsettias open once you have them positioned just how you'd like them.  They're so pretty!

For under $5, this is the perfect Christmas decoration to hang on my door! Comment below and tell me if you try it out.

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