Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thank you, USO!

I just want to say, 
Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

They have partnered with RocketLife to give a free photo book to any military member stationed abroad. How awesome is that?!?

Before J left, we got our photos taken. We got them back from the photographer a few weeks after he left. Perfect timing to send him a photo book. I LOVE this program, because it boosts his spirits to get things in the mail & it was really fun for me to create. Also, it's free! They even ship it free

All you do is go to the website below & fill out the form. You'll have to download some software to create your own unique book. Then you'll enter your promo code at the end when you check out. It's 5 x 7, so it's the perfect size where he can fit in his backpack or his locker or really anywhere.  You can buy other things from their site like cards, mugs, calendars, etc. All the proceeds go to the USO in support of their programs (like this one). 

Our finished product looks like this below.  Again, thanks USO!

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