Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Just Plane Miss You Care Package

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If you don't already know, my boyfriend is in the Air Force.  When he's deployed, I try to think of really creative ways to show that I'm thinking of him.  This is what I came up with! The theme is “I just plane miss you” and YES, that's a paper airplane.  It was the first box I sent him during this deployment (our #2nd together!), so I tried to go for things he would really love.  You see, my boyfriend loves the movie Cars.  So, when I was roaming the aisles of Hobby Lobby & found this awesome lunch box, I HAD to get it. 

An idea floating around Pinterest that I’ve done a few times now is simply making “Open When” cards. Get a bunch of great cards together (and pictures!) & write on the outside of the envelopes, things like “open when you miss me”, “open when you need a laugh”, or “open on Christmas Day”. I think this is one of J's favorite things, especially the pictures!

Other things I included in this package were essentials, like:

· Hand wipes
· Homemade Chex mix (recipe linked here: )
· Protein powder & a shaker bottle (he doesn’t get great meals there)
· Protein bars
· Pictures of us
· Pringles, fruit snacks, extra phone charger

What are some of your creative care package ideas? Share!

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